Yogurt pH electrode Foodcare (to be used with HI99164) - FC2133

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FC2133 is a specialized yogurt pH electrode that offers numerous features that improve testing for yogurt producers, designed to be used with the HI98164 Foodcare Meter. An integrated temperature sensor allows for temperature compensated pH measurements without the need for a separate temperature probe. The contact between the bulb's large surface area and the yogurt sample ensures a stable calibration and measurement.
  • Glass body is easy to clean.
  • Open junction design that resist clogging from yogurt-based solids.
  • Designed for measuring pH in yogurt with the HI98164 Foodcare Meter.


The FC2133 amplified pH electrode is a specialized probe that offers numerous features that improve pH testing for yogurt producers. An integrated temperature sensor allows for temperature compensated pH measurements without the need for a separate temperature probe. The probe’s conical sensing bulb ensures stable calibration and measurement in semi-solids and emulsions like yogurt. An integral part of any pH electrode is the reference junction. The reference junction is a part of the electrode that allows for the flow of ions located in the reference cell into the sample being tested. It is vital that this flow occurs in order to complete an electrical circuit, which ultimately determines the pH value. Any clogging of the junction will prevent the completion of the circuit, resulting in readings that are erratic or constantly drifting. Clogging of the reference junction is a common challenge faced by yogurt producers as the milk solids and proteins can easily build upon the electrode. The open junction design of the FC2133 utilizes a viscolene reference electrolyte that comes into direct contact with the yogurt sample. Without a physical junction, the electrode resists clogging and continues to provide accurate, stable readings.

Glass Body

The glass body of the FC2133 is chemically resistant and quick to reach thermal equilibrium, allowing for a faster, more stable response when taking pH measurements in samples that are not at ambient temperature.

Conical Glass Tip

The conical-shaped tip design allows for penetration into solids, semi-solids, and emulsions for the direct measurement of pH in samples such as yogurt.

Open Junction Reference

The open junction design consists of a solid gel interface (viscolene) between the sample and internal Ag/AgCl reference. This interface not only prevents silver from entering the sample, but also makes it impermeable to clogging, resulting in a fast response and stable reading.

Built-In Temperature Sensor

Errors in calibration and measurement are eliminated with the Automatic Temperature Compensation provided by the integrated temperature sensor.



Specification Name Detail
SKU FC2133
Description pre-amplified pH / temperature probe
Reference double
Junction / Flow Rate open
Electrolyte viscolene
Max Pressure 0.1 bar
Range pH: 0 to 12
Recommended Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) - LT
Tip / Shape conic (6 x 10 mm)
Temperature Sensor yes
Amplifier yes
Body Material glass
Cable coaxial; 1 m (3.3’)
Recommended Use yogurt
Connection Quick Connect DIN*
Special Note * Recommended for use with HI98164 and HI99164 pH meter