Practical, cost effective, analytical instruments for your testing needs.

We offer multiparameter benchtop & portable meters that test parameters such as pH, ORP, EC, turbidity, chlorine, dissolved oxygen.

We can develop a solution that will provide a simplified and accurate way to measure.


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Agriculture &

Learn how we help farmers from all over the world.

Instruments & services for agriculture

Top notch instruments and services that help farmers to improve production.

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Food &

Milk, meat, wine, beer... You name it. We got it.

Instruments & services to test food

Improve safety and hygiene in food and diary production with our instruments.

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Laboratory &

Tools and instruments that will supecharge your work.

Instruments designed to boost your tests

Get the most accurate instruments in the market along with our stellar support.

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Your know-how and our quality, best friends ever.

Instruments for testing industrial processes

Let us partner together to improve your processes with our outstanding products.

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Because we value our customers

It’s not about to sell analytical instruments. We strive to provide the best services we can to support you when it comes to find the best solution that fits your needs.

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How to Test Calcium in Aquarium

How to Test Calcium in Aquarium

To keep your saltwater reef aquarium healthy, you want to maintain optimal calcium levels to ensure the health of your fish and corals. An optimal calcium range (350-450 ppm) is vital for coral calcification and skeletal formation.

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Moisture in Antibiotic Ointment

Topical medications are remedial, drug-containing substances that are generally applied to surfaces of the body. Topical medications come in a variety of forms which include creams, lotions, gels, patches, and ointments.

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