Wireless pH Meter for Food HALO - HI10532

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Our HALO® Wireless pH Meter for Food has a triple ceramic junction in the outer reference cell, built-in temperature sensor, and the conic pH sensing tip making it ideal for pH measurements in semisolid food samples. All readings are transmitted directly to your Apple or Android device or the edge®blu.
  • Take laboratory grade pH and temperature measurements using your smart phone or tablet.
  • Easily connect to the Hanna Lab App at the press of a button via Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • Group your data by time or notation. Email it for storage or share it with friends or colleagues.


The HALO®Wireless pH Meter for Food incorporates Bluetooth®Smart technology with an application-specific design. There are several features that make it ideal for measuring the pH of food products.

Low-Temperature Glass Formulation

Low Temperature (LT) glass Low-temperature glass for fast stabilization and more accurate results at lower temperatures.

Triple Ceramic Junction

The triple ceramic junction allows a higher flow rate of electrolyte from the reference cell into the measurement sample. The increased flow provides greater continuity between the reference electrode and the indicating electrode.

Conical Glass Tip

The conical-shaped tip design allows for penetration into solids, semi-solids, and emulsions. The HI10532 is ideal for the direct measurement of pH in food products.


Real-Time Data

Display of pH and temperature updated every second. Readings are automatically saved to a history file every hour, limited only by the available memory on the device.

Fluid, Dynamic Graphing

Measurements can be displayed alone on the display, with tabulated data, or as a graph. The graph can be panned and zoomed with pinch-to-zoom technology for enhanced viewing.

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)

Displays date and time of current calibration, offset, and average slope, along with calibrated buffers, mV values, temperature and slopes between each buffer.


Calibration Reminder & Measurement Alarms

The Hanna Lab App alerts you when HALO needs calibration or if a measurement threshold is exceeded.


Log & Share Data

Saved log files may be annotated with measurement-specific information. Data is easily shared via email in .CSV format.


Help & Tutorials

Demo mode helps you explore features of the Hanna Lab App. General app information, HALO information, pH tutorial, maintenance tutorial, and contact information are available in help.


HALO® Features/Benefits

Connects to Hanna Lab App with a compatible Apple or Android Device via Bluetooth Smart Technology (Bluetooth 4.0)

Up to five-point pH calibration with seven standard pH buffers available
Calibration reminder

  • Alerts you when HALO needs calibration
  • Appropriate preprogrammed calibration buffer set for application specific Halo pH electrodes

Real-time data

  • Displays pH and temperature updated every second

Basic Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

  • Displays date and time of current calibration along with offset and average slope

Full GLP

  • Displays date and time of current calibration, offset and average slope along with calibrated buffers, mV values, temperature and slopes between each buffer

Fluid, dynamic graphing

  • Measurement can be displayed with tabulated data or as a graph. The graph axes may be expanded using pinch-to-zoom technology for enhanced viewing

Measurement alarms

  • Alerts you if the measurement threshold is exceeded

One button sample tagging

  • Pressing either the icon in the Hanna Lab App or button on the HALO will tag sample data for easy reference

Data logging with custom annotations

  • Saved log files may be annotated with measurement specific information
  • Data is autosaved every hour

Four ways to save and share data:

  • All data since last autosave
  • Annotations only
  • All data within a timed interval
  • Annotations only within a timed interval
  • Share data via email in CSV format

Help and tutorials:

  • Demo mode to help explore features of the Hanna Lab App
  • General app information
  • General HALO information
  • pH tutorial
  • Maintenance tutorial
  • Contact information


HALO is compatible with the following devices:

Compatible with most devices equipped with Bluetooth Smart Technology (Bluetooth 4.0) and running Android 4.3 or later.

iPad (3rd generation or newer)
iPhone (4S or newer)
iPod Touch (5th generation or newer)

HI2202 edgeblu Meter

Information about which products have Bluetooth Smart Technology (4.0), also known as low energy (LE), can be found here.


Reference Cell Type double, Ag/AgCl
Junction Type/Flow Rate triple ceramic / 40 to 50 μL/h
Type of Electrolyte refillable
Refill Electrolyte 3.5M KCl
Body Material glass
Glass Type low temperature (LT)
Tip / Shape conical
Optimum pH Range 0 to 12 pH (resolution displayed by device selectable up to 0.001pH)
Temperature Operating Range -5 to 70°C (23 to 158°F)
Body Length/Overall Length 120 mm / 195 mm
Temperature Sensor built-in
Outer Diameter 12 mm
Connector Type Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0), 10 m (33') range
Battery Type/Life CR2032 3V lithium ion / approximately 500 hours
Recommended Use pH/temperature electrode made for emulsions, slurries, semi-solids, creams and low conductivity samples
Range -2.000 to 16.000 pH
±800 mV
-20.0 to 120.0 ºC *(will be reduced to actual probe/sensor limits)
Resolution 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 pH
1, 0.1 mV
0.1 ºC
Accuracy (@25ºC/77ºF) ±0.005 pH
±0.3 mV
Calibration Points up to five points with seven standard buffers
Calibration Buffers 1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01, 12.45 pH
Temperature Compensation automatic from -5.0 to 100.0 ºC / 23.0 to 212.0 ºF *(will be reduced to actual probe/sensor limits)
Compatibility/System Requirements Android: Compatible with most devices equipped with Bluetooth Smart Technology (Bluetooth 4.0) and running Android 4.3 or later. iOS: Compatible with iPad (3rd generation or newer), iPhone (4S or newer), iPod Touch (5th generation or newer)
Download Information Hanna Lab App is available free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
Ordering Information HI10532 is supplied HI70004 pH 4.01 buffer sachet (20 ml x 2), HI70007 pH 7.01 buffer sachet (20 ml x 2), HI700601 electrode cleaning solution sachet (2), HI70300 storage solution (30 ml bottle), HI7082S refill electrolyte solution (30 ml bottle), refilling pipette, CR2032 3V lithium-ion battery, instruction manual, and electrode quality testing certificate.
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