Spare Polarographic DO Probe - HI76483

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The HI76483 Clark-Type Polarographic DO probe measures a wide range of dissolved oxygen from 0.0 to 600% saturation and 0.00 to 90.00 mg/L (ppm). The HI76483 has a slim design measuring only 12 mm in diameter and has a built-in thermistor temperature sensor that compensates for temperature variations from 0 to 50°C.The HI76483 is a spare DO probe for use with the HI5421 Laboratory Research Grade Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen and BOD Meter.
  • Built-in Temperature Sensor
  • Replaceable Membranes
  • Ultra-Thin Body

The HI76483 polarographic probe will provide accuracy and reproducibility when used in conjunction with the HI5421 benchtop meter. The probe body is made from PEI (polethermide) for increased durability and features a platinum cathode and Ag/AgCl anode assembly. The ultra-thin, 12mm design allows for convenient measurement in narrow vessels such as test tubes, wine bottles and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) bottles.