Shockproof rubber for HI991xx series - HI710024

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HI710024 is a blue rubber boot that fits over selected portable meters, including for new HI99xxx Foodcare style meters. The silicone rubber boot not only provides additional shockproof protection from accidental drops but also increases the tactile feel of the meter making it easier to hold.
  • Enhanced shockproof protection
  • Increased tactile feel that allows for easier handling
  • Made of durable silicone rubber

HI710029 is a blue rubber boot that is custom formed for the HI9814 GroLine portable pH/EC/TDS meter,  HI991000 family of portables, and selected portable thermistor based thermometers.  A complete lsit of compatible portable meters can be found below. This rubber boot is made of silicone rubber and slides over the meter. Even though all meters are drop tested and designed to resist impacts the HI710029 provides additional shockproof protection. The rubber is able to absorb the shock from an accidental drop. Another valued feature of having the rubber boot is the enhanced feel that it gives to the meter. The boot provides for a more tactile feel that makes the meter easier to hold onto including when your hands or meter is wet. The rubber boot has openings for the probe connection and for the LCD screen. With the boot on the screen becomes slightly recessed. This recess helps prevent any scratches to the LCD when the meter is laid face down on a surface. This protective boot is an accessory that you will be happy to have made the decision to purchase.






152 x 58 x 30 mm (6.0 x 2.3 x 1.2”)