pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen Meter - HI98199

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The HI98199 is a versatile meter that can monitor pH, EC, and dissolved oxygen when paired with the respective probe. Hanna’s pH probe is included  with  the HI98199 and the EC and DO probes  can  be  ordered  separately. Each digital probe features Hanna’s Quick Connect DIN connector and the included carrying case contains all the accessories necessary to start taking pH measurements.
  • Backlit graphic LCD with on-screen help
  • Each probe transmits readings digitally to the meter, where data points can be displayed and logged.
  • Perfect for the field.


Increased Traceabilty

Ensure that your data can be trusted with GLP data. Accessible through the menu, this data includes date, time, buffers/standards used for calibration, and slope characteristics of the last calibration.

Versatile Data Logging

The HI98199 allows you to store up to 45,000 continuous or log-on-demand samples with logging intervals from one second to three hours.

Dedicated Help Key

Clear tutorial messages and directions are available on-screen to quickly and easily guide you through setup and calibration.


Superior Field Usability

An IP67-rated, waterproof meter means that bad weather, splashes, and dust won't stop you from taking important measurements. The HI98199 is built to withstand immersion in water of 1m for up to 30 minutes. A large display and back light feature ensure that all of your important information is easily visible, no matter the amount of light.

Universal Port

The ultra-versatile USB-C port integrates seamless transfer of data. There is no need for software- simply connect a USB-C and send your data as a .csv to a memory stick, computer, or android device.

Quick Connect Digital Probe

The Quick Connect fitting is designed for quick and easy installation of the probes. A watertight connection without threads make attaching and removing the probe simple. The probe and meter automatically recognize the sensors making it easy to change electrodes. Each probe transmits readings digitally to the meter, where data points can be displayed and logged.


Versatility when you need it.

Hanna’s pH probe is included with the HI98199 and the EC and DO probes can be ordered separately.




pH Probe - HI829113 (included)

Up to a three-point calibration with five standard buffers and one custom buffer available
pH in mV option is useful for diagnostics
GLP data
Automatically temperature compensated readings
















EC Probe - HI763093 (optional)

Single-point calibration from six standards
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Salinity readings
Practical Salinity Scale (PSU) based on conductivity calibration


DO Probe - HI764103 (optional)

Display units in % saturation or ppm (mg/L)
Salinity compensation for saline waters
Built-in barometer
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Automatic polarization of probe at startup
Ready-to-use HDPE pre-tensioned membrane caps




Product Name

Multiparameter Portable pH/EC/DO Waterproof Meter - HI98199

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pH Range

0.00 to 14.00 pH

pH Resolution

0.01 pH

pH Accuracy

±0.02 pH

pH Calibration

automatic one, two, or three points of five standard buffers (pH 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01) or one custom buffer

pH Temperature Compensation


mV Range

±600.0 mV

mV Resolution

0.1 mV

mV Accuracy

±0.5 mV

EC Range

0 to 200 mS/cm

EC Resolution

1 μS/cm; 0.001 mS/cm; 0.01 mS/cm; 0.1 mS/cm; 1 mS/cm

EC Accuracy

±1.5% of reading or ±2 μS/cm whichever is greater

EC Calibration

automatic single-point, with six standard solutions (84 μS/cm, 1413 μS/cm, 5.00 mS/cm, 12.88 mS/cm, 80.0 mS/cm, 111.8 mS/cm) or custom point