pH and temperature industrial smart probe HI1016-1805

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dedicated to the HI510 Universal Process Controller

These industrial pH probes are intended for industrial process control when paired with the HI510 Universal Process Controller.

• HI1006-18 and HI1016-18 series, designed for low conductivity or low-temperature process environments
• HI1006-38 and HI1016-38 series, designed for extended pH range or high-temperature process environments
• HI1006-48 and HI1016-48 series, designed for process environments where hydrofluoric acid is present

An integral temperature sensor measures the process temperature
and adjusts the probe signal. The result is a reliable pH measurement
at the temperature of measurement.
The flat tip on the low temperature probe eliminates deposits that
can foul the sensor, significantly reducing necessary maintenance.
The PVDF (Kynar®) body material is easy to clean and disinfect and
resistant to most chemicals (e.g. solvents, sodium hypochlorite),
ultraviolet light, and fungal growth.
The probes can be installed directly in-line, immersed in a tank (use
HI60501 immersion holder), or in a flow cell. Several extension cable
lengths are available to cover up to a 50 meter distance between probe
and controller.
The probes are suited for continuous measurement of pH required in
applications such as urban wastewater treatment, industrial effluent
treatment, and surface water monitoring.
• Rugged, chemically-resistant PVDF (Kynar®) body
• Specialized glass sensor for fast stabilization and accurate results
• 3/4” NPT external thread for mounting
• 6 bar (87 psi) maximum pressure
• Built-in temperature sensor for measurement and compensation
• Matching pin helps avoid typical problems
caused by grounding loop current
• Digital probe stores model, firmware, serial
number, and calibration information




0.00 to 12.00 pH 


±0.02 pH 


-5.0 to 80.0°C / 23 to 176°F 

Temperature Accuracy 

± 0.5°C / 1.0°F 

Temperature compensation 

automatic or manual 0.0 to 80.0°C (32.0 to 176.0°F) 






Low temperature (LT) glass 

Sensor Tip 


Maximum Pressure 

6 bar 

Threaded Connection 

3/4” NPT external thread for insertion mounting 

Probe Cable Length 

5 m 

Threaded Connection 

3/4” NPT external thread for insertion mounting