Microfiber Cloth for Wiping Cuvettes (4) - HI731318

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Ensure your glass cuvettes are clean and free of debris for accurate measurements every time with this pack of microfiber cloth for wiping cuvettes. These cloths remove dirt, grease, and fingerprints from the vials so that the glass is clean for the correct transmission of light.
  • Lint free, microfiber cloth.
  • Will not scratch glass cuvettes.
  • Perfect for wiping the cuvettes used in handheld colorimeters, photometer


Using cuvettes in photometers, colorimeters, and turbidity meters that are clean and free from scratches is critical in order to obtain an accurate measurement. These systems are optically based in which light must transmit through the glass vial in order to be detected by a silicon photodetector. Any impedance in the light path will affect the way that light will interact with the sample to be measured ultimately affecting the result obtained from the meter. Using clean HI731318 microfiber cloths will not scratch the cuvettes which can interfere with the optical system.