Four-ring Conductivity Probe (Stainless Steel) for HI98192 - HI763133

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The HI763133 is a four-ring conductivity probe (stainless steel) for use with HI98192 Waterproof Portable EC/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity Meter.


  • Replacement probe for HI98192.
  • Quick connect DIN connector to make attaching and removing the probe simple and easy.
  • IP68 rating for continuous immersion in water.

HI763133 is a four-ring conductivity probe with a built-in temperature sensor. This technology allows for accurate readings that cover a complete range with a single sensor. The four-ring technology also eliminates the polarization effect that is common with standard two pole versions. The HI763133 conductivity probe connects to the meter with a unique quick connect waterproof DIN connector allowing for a secure attachment without a threaded connection that is also easy to remove.





0 to 400 mS/cm (shows values up to 1000 mS/cm actual conductivity)**; 0.00 to 9.999 µS/cm*; 10.00 to 99.99 µS/cm; 100.0 to 999.9 µS/cm; 1.000 to 9.999 mS/cm; 10.00 to 99.99 mS/cm; 100.0 to 1000.0 mS/cm (autoranging)   

Body Material 

AISI 316 stainless steel 

Tip shape 

4-ring probe 

Recommended Operating Temperature 

NoTC, linear (-20 to 120˚C (-4 to 248˚F)), non linear (0 to 36˚C (32 to 98.6˚F)) ISO/DIS 7888 std 

Temperature sensor 



1.5 m (4.9') 


Quick DIN 


*The 0.00 µS/cm EC range and 0.1MΩ∙cm resistivity range are not available with the optional 4m cable **Uncompensated temperature reading