EC/TDS Probe for Mini Controller HI7632-00

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The HI7632-00 is a two-pole amperometric EC/TDS probe for panel mounted mini controllers that measure in the high range (mS/cm and ppt). This probe has a built-in temperature sensor for Automatic Temperature Compensation and a ½” male NPT threaded connection for insertion mounting. The HI7632-00 probe provides a rapid response and high accuracy EC or TDS measurement.
  • Two-pole amperometric probe
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • High range measurement (mS/cm and ppt


Two-Pole Probe The HI7632-00 is an amperometric sensor, utilizing two-pole technology to achieve accurate EC and TDS measurements. An alternating voltage is applied to the two electrodes and the generated current is measured. The HI7632-00 is compatible with the following mini controllers that measure in the high range: EC:

  • BL983317 BL983327


  • BL983318


Internal Temperature Sensor

The integrated temperature sensor of the HI7632-00 probe is crucial for accurate EC and TDS measurements. Changes in temperature of a solution will change the ion mobility, which will influence the measurement. For this reason it is important that a fast and stable temperature measurement be taken in order to provide an accurate temperature compensated EC and TDS reading.


Threaded Connection

The ½” NPT threaded connection of the HI7632-00 allows for insertion mounting into a common “T” fitting without the need for additional hardware.


Multiple Cable Lengths

The HI7632-00 is available with varying lengths of cable based on your specific requirements. HI7632-00 comes with 2 meters (6.6 feet) of cable attached. HI7632-00/6 comes with 6 meters (19.7 feet) of cable attached.



Cable Length 

2 m (6.6’) and 6 m (19.7’) based on selection 

Probe Length 

64 mm (2.5”) 


½” threaded