Double Junction pH/ORP Sensor for HI9829 Multiparameter Portable Meter - HI7609829-1

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The HI7698194-1 is a replaceable pH/ORP sensor for use with Hanna's HI9829 multiparameter portable meter. The sensor body is constructed of durable PEI material and contains a double ceramic junction design. The HI7609829-1 contains a glass pH sensing tip with a platinum ORP sensing pin. Each module is color coded for easy installation and integration with the probe.
  • PEI Sensor Body
  • Ceramic Double Junction Reference
  • Color Coded Sensor

PEI Sensor Body

The PEI (polyetherimide) electrode body is suitable for a wide range of applications and excels in field measurements due to its durability. The shielding around the spherical glass tip minimizes breakage due to accidental bumping or dropping of the electrode. The PEI plastic is a high-quality plastic that is chemically resistant to many harsh chemicals.

Ceramic Double Junction Reference

A double junction electrode has an internal compartment surrounding the reference wire. Silver ions are present in the electrolyte of the internal compartment, which houses the Ag/AgCl reference wire; the electrolyte outside this compartment is silver free. The double junction design means that virtually no silver from the electrode enters the sample. This design allows measurement in applications where silver ions in the sample are undesirable or silver precipitates on the junction are likely to form.

Color Coded Sensor

Sensors are color coded to match sensor ports on the probe for quick, field-replaceable, screw-type, connection and identification.

Platinum Sensing Pin

ORP sensors should be chemically inert and not subject to oxidation or reduction. By design, proper surface characteristics should promote rapid electron exchange, also known as a high exchange current density. Two noble metals have proven to work well for this purpose: pure platinum and pure gold. Both may be used in the construction of ORP sensors. The HI7609829-1 ORP sensor is constructed with a platinum pin which is mechanically simple and safe to produce.