Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (Galvanic) for HI9829 Multiparameter Portable Meter - HI7609829-2

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The HI7609829-2 is a galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor for use with Hanna's HI9829 Multiparameter Portable Meter. The sensor body is constructed of durable ABS material and contains an easily replaceable membrane cap design. The membranes are constructed of HDPE and each cap easily screws onto the sensor. The HI7609829-2 sensor contains a silver cathode and zinc anode. The sensor module is color coded for easy installation and integration with the probe.
  • Easily Replaceable Membrane Caps
  • Galvanic Design
  • Color-Coded Sensor

Easily Replaceable Membrane Caps

The pretensioned HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) membranes use a screw-on cap design for simple electrolyte filling and easy placement on the sensor.

Galvanic Design

The sensor’s galvanic dissolved oxygen design requires no conditioning or warm up time. The sensor is always ready to go allowing for measurements to be taken right away.

Color-Coded Sensor

Sensors are color coded to match sensor ports on the probe for quick, field-replaceable, screw-type, connection and identification.