Digital Thermometer Checktemp®- HI98501

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  • Large Display – The large display features a wide temperature range and optimal viewing angle
  • IP65 water resistant protection
  • HACCP – Use as a tool for control in HACCP analysis
  • AISI 316 Stainless steel penetration probe

The Checktemp delivers high accuracy temperature measurements over a wide range without concern for breakage or condensation.

The Checktemp offers no breakage, no waste, and no difficulty in reading; the digital display prevents a parallax error (observing the wrong measurement due to the angle of view) and is optimised for a wide range of environmental temperatures.

Checktemp is provided with Hanna’s unique CAL Check™ function for accurate measurements every time. The Checktemp® implements a CAL Check upon startup and reports the status as “0” or “err”.

The sharp-tip probe of the Checktemp® easily penetrates semi-solid products making routine temperature checks simple and quick for both incoming and outgoing goods. Checktemp is the ideal instrument for measuring temperature according to HACCP requirements.


100% reassurance with Hanna Cal Check

Hanna's exclusive Cal Check, saves time and brings peace of mind to users in busy catering environments. In hot kitchens, fast production lines and hectic retail environments, few operators have the time to keep checking the accuracy of their meters.

Hanna Cal Check automatically verifies the thermometer circuit accuracy at 0.0°C every time it is switched on. During start up, the calibration of the thermometers circuit is checked and the result is briefly displayed on the thermometers display to show the operator the calibration result.

Please note: The Cal Check system can only check the electronic circuit calibration and does not check the sensor of the thermometer. For further peace of mind it is recommended to check the sensor by performing an ice test or comparative test against a reference thermometer.


CAL Check™

Automatically verifies calibration at startup and alerts the user of the calibration status.


Save battery life with auto-off feature

With the auto-off feature, select from 8 minutes, 60 minutes, or disable the feature.


Easy battery change

Easily replace the battery with a twist-off cover.


Protective probe sleeve included

Protects the probe when not in use.


Water Resistant – Can withstand temporary exposure to water, but should not be submerged or washed under running water.


Cal Check™ - provides peace of mind every time your thermometer is switched on by automatically checking the thermometer circuit is accurate at 0°C and showing the result on screen at start up. Ensures your thermometer is working correctly and is in calibration.


Range   -50.0 to 150.0°C
Resolution   0.1°C
Accuracy   ±0.2°C (-30 to 120°C)
±0.3°C (outside: -50.0 to -30.0°C and 120.0 to 150°c)
Probe   fixed stainless steel
106 x dia 3.6 mm (penetration)
Battery Type / Life   cr2032 Li-ion / approximately 2000 hours of continuous use
Environment   -30 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95%
Dimensions   50 x 185 x 21
Weight   50 g
Ordering Information:   HI-98501 is supplied with penetration probe, protective cap, battery and instructions.