Cuvettes (Round Glass 25 pcs) - HI731359

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The HI731359 are the replacement glass cuvettes used with the HI759 Maple Syrup Digital Grader. The Digital Grader measures the transmittance of light through a glycerol reference standard and compares it to a syrup sample. For the meter to accurately do this, proper cuvettes must be used to ensure there is no interference from scratches or inconsistencies in the glass. The HI731359 is a kit that contains 25 round glass cuvettes along with 25 sturdy plastic inserts. This kit is not only ideal for sizeable sugar houses who grade multiple samples per day, but also for those who wish to store graded samples throughout the season.


When using any type of instrument that measures the transmittance or absorbance of light, it is important to use clean cuvettes that are free from scratches. Any discoloration or scratches will interfere with the optically based measurement, producing skewed and inaccurate results.

The HI759 Maple Syrup Digital Grader uses 10 mL round glass cuvettes to measure the transmittance of light through a syrup sample. The number of syrup samples graded each day during sugaring season depends greatly on the size of the maple syrup producer. But regardless of size, the option to store syrup samples in these cuvettes is convenient for all. Stored samples can serve as a reference for producers to monitor the grades of syrup made as the season progresses. Packers can also benefit from stored samples as an easy reference for syrup stored in larger barrels.

HI731359 is the replacement kit of glass cuvettes that are supplied with the HI759 Digital Grader. The kit contains:

  • 25 round glass cuvettes that are optically clear and hold 10 mL of sample
  • 25 durable plastic inserts that fit inside each cuvette opening
Ordering information: HI731359 includes (25) 10 mL glass cuvettes and (25) plastic inserts