Bentocheck Solution - HI83749-20

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The HI83749 Portable Turbidity and Bentocheck Meter is designed to determine turbidity levels and protein stability in wine. Determination requires the addition of HI83749-20 Bentocheck Solution to establish if bentonite fining agent is needed to stabilize the wine.
  • Pre-measured solution
  • Clearly marked expiration date and lot number
  • Light block bottle
The prevention of protein haze or deposit in bottled wines is a universal concern, and often a wine needs to be stabilized before bottling. Fining, or clarifying, is the process of removing substances that contribute to haze by binding them through adsorption. Bentonite clay is a commonly used fining agent in wine; it is negatively charged and incorporated into the wine as a slurry, or fine powder mixed with water. The negatively charged clay binds to the positively charged protein molecules, and this neutralization allows the particles to settle out, transforming the beverage to a desired color and clarity. This process also makes the wine more stable, meaning the wine’s signature taste, aroma, and appearance won’t change appreciably while in storage. However, it is important for a winemaker to know exactly how much bentonite to add - if added in excess, it can actually strip the characteristic colors and flavors.
By using the HI83749 for turbidity measurements, winemakers can calculate initial turbidity, before the HI83749-20 Bentocheck Solution is added. Once the pre-made solution is added to the wine sample, a second turbidity measurement is taken. If the second turbidity reading is less than the initial turbidity reading plus 2, the wine can be considered stable. Otherwise, winemakers can perform a procedure to determine the adequate amount of bentonite that must be added to stabilize their wine and verify with the HI83749.