Air, Gas, Liquid Pt100 Probe - HI768L

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The HI768L is an air and liquid Pt100 probe designed for use with one of Hanna's Pt100 thermometers. A cable extends 1 m (3.3') from the handle to the meter connection. The rounded tip of the probe allows users to obtain highly accurate temperature readings of air and liquid samples.
  • Measures up to 350°C (622°F)
  • Pt100 sensor
  • AISI 316 stainless steel

The Air and Gas Pt100 Probe - HI768L is designed to measure the temperature of air and  liquid samples. The operating principle of resistance thermometers is based on the increase of electric resistance of metal conductors (RTD: Resistance Temperature Detectors) with temperature. Among the various metals to be used in the construction of RTDs, platinum (Pt), a noble metal, is one that can measure temperatures throughout a wide range with a stable, linear behavior. The most common RTD sensor using platinum is the Pt100. Hanna’s Pt100 thermometers and probes use multi-wire technology in the connection cable to obtain high levels of accuracy in industrial and laboratory applications. With a strong, corrosion-resistant, AISI 316 stainless steel construction, the HI768L probe is able to measure samples up to 350°C (622°F).


Accuracy (@25˚C/77˚F) ±0.25°C (±0.5°F) ±3% of reading
Recommended Operating Temperature -30 to 350°C (-22 to 622°F)
Response Time (90% of final value) 3 seconds
Body Length L 100 mm x dia 3 mm (3.9" x 0.12")
Temperature Sensor yes
Body Material AISI 316 stainless steel
Cable polyurethane (PUR)/straight; 1 m (3.3")
Recommended Use air, gases
Connection Pt-100