Test Anywhere

Built for field testing, our Portable Multiparameter Meters are durable and up to the task! Get reliable, consistent readings where and when you need it.

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New GroLine AGS (Automated Grow System)

Designed for the modern era, edge® is a laboratory pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen meter that offers simplicity and versatility in a sleek design.

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edge ® Tablet Meters

Control and monitor lighting, irrigation, and environmental conditions for your facility from anywhere, anytime, using any device.

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Your Partner in Science

As a world leader in pH and titration science, we help professionals and hobbyists with their everyday testing needs.

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Because we value our customers

It’s not about selling analytic instruments. We strive to provide the best services we can to support you when it comes to finding the best solution that fits your needs.


We offer our consulting services before and after sales; product installation and training, laboratory procedures, method implementation and preparation of samples.

Instruments service

We grant evaluation of used instrumentation, instruments calibration, scheduled periodic maintenance and reparation of Hanna's Instrumentation.

On site scenario analysis

Our technical team carries out inspections and visits to our customers for the supply of process equipment or water treatment plants.

Cloud platform

Manage and control your systems based on the data collected, in real time and without the intervention of specialized personnel on site.


Where you can find our helping hands

Agriculture & Fertigation

Learn how we help farmers from all over the world.

Instruments & Services for Agriculture

Top notch instruments and services that help farmers to improve production.

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Food & Beverage

Milk, meat, wine, beer...You name it. We got it.

Instruments & Services To Test Food

Improve safety and hygiene in food and diary production with our instruments.

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Laboratory & Equipment

Tools and instruments that will superchange your work.

Instruments Designed To Boots Your Tests

Get the more accurate instruments in the market along with our stellar support.

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Process & Equipment

You know-how and our quality best friends ever.

Instruments For Testing Industrial Process

Let us partner together to improve your processes with our outstanding products.

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