3.5M KCl electrolyte fill solution for double-junction electrodes in a FDA Bottle (4 x 30mL) - HI8082

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HI8082 is a pH and ORP electrode 3.5M KCl electrolyte fill solution, which is specifically produced for double junction electrodes. HI8082 is contained in an opaque, light-tight bottle that meets FDA requirements. The electrolyte level in refillable electrodes should be checked before performing any measurements. If the level is low, refill with the proper electrolyte solution to ensure optimum performance. This simple maintenance helps guarantee adequate head pressure to promote the flow of reference electrolyte into the sample being measured.
  • Fill solution for double junction pH & ORP electrodes
  • Convenient 30 mL FDA bottles
  • Lot # and expiration date on bottles


HI8082 is a 3.5M potassium chloride solution designed to refill the electrolyte solution of double junction electrodes. Double junction electrodes contain two chambers for electrolyte. An inner chamber that has the Ag/AgCl reference wire with a fill solution KCl AgCl fill solution and an outer chamber that has a KCl fill solution. Using the KCl in the outer chamber provides for a silver free solution. This is important since silver can precipitate very easily in the presence of heavy metals and a biological buffer call Tris. This precipitate can clog the outer reference junction resulting in instability and a long response time. Hanna’s electrolyte fill solutions are made using high quality reagent-grade chemicals and are manufactured to the highest standards of precision and accuracy.