Water Quality Monitoring in Freshwater Fish Farming

Fish Farming

Water quality is at the core of successful fish farming. Fish grown in aquaculture live, breathe, and eat in the water so eventually they will excrete waste in that water.

Aquascaping: The Art and Science of Aquariums


Aquascaping is the practice of creating a natural aquatic landscape in your aquarium. It’s commonly associated with freshwater live planted aquariums, however saltwater reef aquariums also utilize this practice.

Temperature Measurement of Prepared Foods

Temperature Measurement of Prepared Foods

Almost all objects give off not only emitted heat energy, which is what is used to determine IR measurements, but reflected and transmitted energy as well.

Importance of Water Quality in Beer

Understanding the quality of a brews’ starting water is critical to determining the brewing process which will be followed. This includes whether or not to use a reverse osmosis system, which chemicals to add and how much, how the grains will affect the water pH, and if the waste water produced needs to be treated.

Monitoring Sodium Chloride in Olive Brine

Olives have been coveted throughout history both as an edible fruit and for the health beneficial oil that is pressed from them. The edible olive has been cultivated for at least 5,000 years and today is one of the most widely cultivated fruits in the world.