ph Tester pHep®4  with 0.1 pH resolution

This lightweight, waterproof tester offers high accuracy pH and temperature measurements in a single handheld unit!

The large LCD display shows both pH and temperature readings simultaneously, while a stability indicator is displayed to alert you when a stable reading has been obtained. The pHep®4 HI98127 pH Tester has a replaceable elctrode for longer tester life.

  • Extend the life of your pH Checker Plus with a replaceable electrode.
  • Automatic calibration for accurate pH readings every time.
  • Great for environmental, field, and laboratory testing.

The pHep®4 is a waterproof ph tester for water with a 0.1 pH resolution and an accuracy of ±0.1 pH. It has many advanced features that are found in more expensive portable instrumentation. One or two-point calibration is automatic to two selectable buffer sets (4.01, 7.01 and 10.01 or 4.01, 6.86, and 9.18). The pHep®4 also features a replaceable electrode with a stainless steel round connector. This cartridge design has no pins to line up or that can break.