pH meter for direct soil measurement HI99121

The Hanna Instruments HI99121 is a durable, waterproof, and portable pH and temperature meter designed specifically for soil analysis.

With the HI99121 and HI1292D direct soil pre-amplified pH and temperature probe, users can test both the pH of soil directly or after preparation of a soil slurry with deionized water. The HI1292D features a conical, rugged tip that can be directly inserted into moist or soft soil.

  • Conical tip for direct pH measurement of soil.
  • Includes a plastic auger to perforate harder soils.
  • Great for home and professional growers, and environmental monitoring.


pH meter for direct soil measurement HI99121 features a large multi level LCD screen which displays both pH and temperature readings simultaneously with 0.01 pH resolution and an accuracy of ±0.05 pH.