Benchtop COD and Multiparameter Photometer for Water Analysis

The HI83099 COD Meter and Multiparameter Photometer for chemical oxygen demand (COD) and specific ion measurement combines accuracy and ease of use in an ergonomic benchtop design. This meter is one of the most versatile photometers in the market, offering 47 different measurement methods including COD with ready-made liquid or powder reagents. The HI83099 has many advanced features including a graphic LCD to display various chemical forms and a step-by-step tutorial mode for inexperienced users.

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Conductivity Mini Controller (0.00-10.00 mS/cm)

The BL983327 is a compact, panel mounted, process controller for measuring conductivity of a process stream. The device features a large LCD with protective cover. Users may choose from automatic or manual dosing modes. When in automatic mode the dry contact relay is activated when a reading is above the set point. The relay can be used to activate a solenoid valve to open and drain a tank (i.e. boiler bleed and feed) or add freshwater until the desired set point is reached.
The BL983317 is a closely related product that has the same measurement range but has a relay that is activated when the reading is below the set point.
  • Multicolor LED Indicator
  • Fire Retardant Casing
  • Fire Retardant Casing