Fertigation Process Control System with Panel Mount and 8 Sectors, 115V Input Voltage, 50Hz/60Hz

The fertigation controller provides up to 10 programs to irrigate up to 8 sectors using time or volume irrigation control. Each irrigation program has one pH and one EC setpoint. The start condition of the program, the irrigation sectors and the time or volume for each sector are user defined. The irrigation water is pH corrected based on the pH control, with acid or alkaline solution and can contain nutrients for crops based on up to 4 fertilizer receipts. Correction of time or volume of irrigated water can be based on accumulated solar radiation or can be manually requested by user. Agitator control and filter cleaning control are performed automatically. The instrument reads up to 3 EC probes, one to verify the incoming water EC, and the other two are in-line redundant for safety to measure the current irrigation water EC. The two pH electrodes are mounted in-line redundant for safety to read the irrigation water pH. Irrigation control: time/volume control, 10 programs/5 priority levels with up to 99 repetition. Irrigation start condition: by time, by solar radiation, by 5 external tank low level. Fertilization control: by EC. Fertilizers: up to 4 valves. PH control/correction: acid or alkaline. Agitators control: yes. Filter control/cleaning: 2 differential presostate/2 filter cleaning relays. Fertilizer tank levels/counters control: level. Irrigation counter: yes. Acid/alkaline tank level/counter control: level. EC Inputs: up to 3, 0.0 to 10 microseconds cm. pH Inputs: up to 2, 0.0 to 14.0 pH. Temperature compensation: EC, pH. Solar radiation input: 1; 0 to 2000 W/m2. Irrigated sectors: up to 32. PC connectivity: RS232. Alarms: yes, user selectable levels. Logging: yes, three levels. Power supply: 115V +/-10 percent 50Hz/60Hz. Dimensions (panel mounted): 7-3/32″ length by 10-25/54 width by 4-19/32″ height.

Models HI-8001/HI-8002
Irrigation Control Time/volume control, 10 programs /5 priority levels with up to 99 repetition
Irrigation Start Condition By time, by solar radiation, by 5 external tank low level
Fertiliser Control By EC
Fertilisers Up to 4 Valves
pH Control/correction Acid or Alkaline
Agitators Control Yes
Filter Control/Cleaning Two differential presostate/2 filter cleaning relays
Fertiliser tank levels/counter controls Level
Irrigation counter Yes
Acid/Alkaline tank level/counter control Level
EC Inputs Up to 3, 0.0 to 10 mS/cm
pH Inputs Up to 2, 0.0 to 14.0 pH
Temperature Compensation EC, pH
Solar radiation input 1; 0 to 2000 W/m2
Temperature No
Wind Speed No
Engine Power back up No
Irrigated Sectors Up to 32
Mixing source of water No
PC Connectivity RS232
Alarms Yes, user selectable levels
Logging Yes, three level
Power Supply 115V/220V +-10% 50Hz/60Hz
Environment wall mounted: NEMA 4X specifications
Dimensions – wall mounted 280 x 330 x 165mm (11.2 x 13.2 x 6.6 inches)
Dimensions – panel mounted 178 x 260 x 116mm (7.1 x 10.4 x 4.6inches
Weight wall mounted: 4.95kg (11lb); panel mounted: 3.4kG (7.5lb)